The 11th Annual West Hallam Scarecrow Trail will begin on Saturday July 13th 2019

Now is the time to start thinking about this year’s scarecrow!

As usual, prizes will be awarded in two categories

1. Traditional Scarecrows

2. Anything else!

To get you inspired, if our politicians haven’t done so already, 2019 is a great year for anniversaries. It is:

25 Years since the Channel Tunnel opened, the National Lottery began and women were ordained into the Church of England

50 Years since the Beatles last performed together, Concorde’s maiden flight, Robin Knox Johnson sailed solo around the world and Monty Python first appeared on our screens

75 Years since the D Day Landings, The Battle of the Bulge and the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III

100 Years since Lady Astor took her seat at Westminster as the first female MP and Alcock and Brown flew the Atlantic

125 Years since publication of the Jungle Book, Blackpool tower and Tower Bridge opened and Marks and Spencer opened their first store

200 Years since the births of Victoria and Albert and George Eliot

250 Years since Napoleon and Wellington were born and Captain Cook reached New Zealand……………………..the list goes on …………… is worth a visit if you need more.

Please let me know ASAP if you will be taking part.

01159303885 or 07763892154